A Welcome Message and Future Plans

Welcome to Horned Things- the literary journal for the discerning creature. We are a literary and arts journal dedicated to publishing and showcasing quality work. Our website is finally up, as is our Twitter (https://twitter.com/hornedthings) and our Instagram (https://instagram.com/hornedthings). We will be accepting submissions immediately and will begin reading on August 10th. We are currently accepting submissions via email only- Please see our Submit page for more details. The date of publication on the first issue is TBA but we roughly expect it to come out in December. We will likely continue accepting submissions even once we’ve chosen those for Issue 1 as we do not want to miss out on any wonderful work that we could always save for inclusion in Issue 2.

As for more detailed future plans and goals, we hope to grow overtime to the point where we can use Submittable as a platform for submissions, rather than simple email. Overall, as submitters ourselves, we’ve found that Submittable tends to be an easier platform to use for finding new journals and vice versa. Additionally, we hope to eventually reach the point where Horned Things becomes a paying market as we know that writers and artists too often receive little more than general appreciation for their work. However, we hope that you will be patient with us in our growth as it can take quite a bit of time before journals reach that point. There may also come a time when Horned Things produces a print journal, though this will depend on the interest we receive in such a project. We are happy to be here and excited to be on this journey with our readers, writers, and artists as we find our place within the larger arts community and grow as a project.

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