Editor in Chief, Holly Eva Allen

Holly Eva Allen is a writer, educator, and social media manager currently living in California. She has a degree in English and Linguistics from the University of California and is currently working on a graduate degree from Claremont Graduate University. Her short stories, flash fiction, and poetry pieces have been published in a variety of print and online outlets, including Sand Hills, On the Run, Farside Review, Saltfront, Funicular, and more. She is active in the writing and literature communities, attended the 2021 AWP conference and presented on trends in women’s literature at the 2021 and 2022 PCA conferences. She is currently looking to publish her LGBTQ+ fabulist novel manuscript. Holly is also a reader and editor for Passengers Journal and Untethered, as well as Editor-in-Chief for Foothill Journal. You can find her work, social media accounts, and official website all on her linktree:

Assistant Editor, Katherine Robbins

Katherine Robbins is a Californian photographer recently moved back to the States after working in Japan. In America and Japan, Katherine has worked as an event and concert photographer for various bands and companies, such as ACME, Cuon, and FAKE STAR. Her photography has been featured in a variety of magazines, blogs, and sites, including Transcendence Magazine, Split Lip, and The Portfolio. She has also done interviews and features for sources such as Sleeklens and Noble/ Gas Qtrly. She is also a writer and her poetry has appeared in magazines, including Goldman Review. She is currently in an undergraduate program for English and Creative Writing and is looking to publish her first YA novel. All of her social media accounts and other online presences can be found here:

Assistant Editor, Sierra McGuire Alavezos

Sierra McGuire Alavezos is an artist currently living in Southern California. Her artwork has been featured in collections and magazines such as Susurrus and shown at galleries and institutions including the Sacramento Fine Arts Center. She designed the logo for Horned Things as well as the Horned Things banner used on Twitter. You can contact her directly by emailing her at You can also follow her online via the links available on her linktree: