Horned Things is an online literary journal founded in 2021 to showcase quality writing and artwork by creators from all around the globe. Horned Things was founded by three queer artists from North America. You can find out more about the founders as individuals on our Masthead page.

The name “Horned Things” comes from the idea of cryptoids and other creatures that are crowned with some type of tusk, horn, or other biological ornamentation. Unicorns, rams, mergoats, holy cows, and more all capture our attention and wonder in the way that a good piece of art or writing does.

Horned Things values ingenious, original, and evocative work over name, experience, or connections and, as such, we prefer to view/ read pieces anonymously when possible. For written work, we also tend to shy away from work that is cliché, too purple, or appears to be too “edgy” for the sake of being edgy. For visual art, we prefer not to publish pieces that feature an abundance of copy-written material or fan-art. For photography, be sure your image is of a decent resolution- at least 1080p. Despite these preferences, we are ultimately a journal that welcomes new and beginning writers or artists to submit to us. In other words, you do not need to have been published elsewhere to submit to us. For more information on our submission requirements, please view our Submit page.

Thank you for considering Horned Things!

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