Interested in Submitting to Horned Things? Horned Things is currently accepting submissions for Issue 2 up until the end of October 2022. Issue 2 should be released in December of 2022. Horned Things is currently accepting all submissions via submittable HERE. With your submission, be sure to include a third-person bio that is no less than 50 words and no more than 200 words. Cover letter is optional but preferred. Your cover letter should include any publishing history and educational background, though these are not required for publishing with Horned Things. Simultaneous submissions are allowed but let us know immediately should a piece be accepted elsewhere. Please only submit once per year unless invited to submit again immediately. Estimated wait time to hear back from us is about one month, though often this is less. However, if a month has passed since your submission and you have not yet hear back from us, please feel free to email. On publication, we ask for First North American Serial Rights and that you acknowledge Horned Things in the event of any subsequent publications. Horned Things is, unfortunately, not a paying market at this time. We charge fees on Submittable to counter/ pay for our maintenance, such as Submittable fees and web hosting. If the fees on Submittable are preventing you from submitting to us, please email us at and let us know. In that case, we will let you submit to us once per year for free. We especially encourage students and disabled artists/ writers to take advantage of this free submission option.

Poetry: Submit between 2 and 5 poems as a .doc or .docx file. Poems should be in 12pt Times New Roman font, single spaced. We prefer poems under 20 lines and limit them entirely to 50 lines. Each poem should begin on a new page with the title of the poem centered at the top of the first page of said poem.

Flash Fiction: Submit one flash fiction piece of 1,000 words or less as a .doc or .docx. Your piece should be 12pt font Times New Roman, double spaced. If we enjoy your piece but do not feel that it fits in well at Horned Things, we may ask you to submit an additional flash fiction piece, if possible.

Short Stories: Submit one short story piece of at least 1,000 words but preferably no more than 5,000 words as a .doc or .docx file. Your piece should be 12pt font Times New Roman, double spaced.

Traditional Art: Submit between 1 and 5 pieces of artwork as .jpeg/.jpg or .png file attachments. All pictures or scans of traditional art should be high quality and have ideal lighting and angles. Preferred quality is a minimum of 1080p.

Digital Art: Submit between 1 and 5 pieces of artwork as .jpeg/.jpg or .png attachments. Preferred quality is a minimum of 1080p.

Photography: Submit between 1 and 5 photographs as .jpeg/.jpg or .png attachments. Preferred quality is a minimum of 1080p. See instructions below for rules on nudity.

Although every genre has specific requirements, we at Horned Things would like to remind you that we focus on quality work that avoids cliche or “edginess” for the sake of shock with no substance. It is fine if your writing contains characters who are sexist/homophobic/racist/prejudiced in some way (though we would hope they are an antagonist) but do not submit a piece to us if the theme stands in favor of prejudiced views or is unclear on stance. We do not support pieces or artists that are racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, etc. Additionally, while nudity is fine in artwork, our web host regulations require that we unfortunately must ask that you omit genitalia and nipples from all pieces, whether it be traditional art, digital art, or photography. While violence, sex, and similar elements in writing are acceptable, we ask that they not be used in a piece simply for shock.