We’ve moved to Submittable!

Submissions to Horned Things Journal will now take place exclusively on Submittable! While we have received many wonderful submissions via email, we have found that the general chaos of using an email inbox for submissions was beginning to become a risk given the number of submissions. We, as writers and artists, could not imagine the disappointment of having a journal possibly lose a submission and we would never want this to happen to another writer or artist. Furthermore, the tools built into submittable should allow us to go through a greater number of submissions at a more regular rate. We understand that writers and artists often struggle to pay the many fees and costs that come their way. The fees on our submittable page are simply there to mitigate the cost of hosting a submittable and a website and are not in anyway designed to gain a profit. Furthermore, we do plan to occasionally host free submission periods on Submittable for those writers and artists who cannot or do not wish to pay fees. You can find our Submittable page link here.

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